Terms and Conditions

  1. A booking contract is made when your booking details have been received. You are required to provide your name, home and email address, home and mobile telephone numbers, dates of arrival and departure and the number of guests in your party plus the booking deposit. Full payment of the balance, along with a refundable security deposit (if required), is due 6 weeks before your stay.
  2. Arrival/departure - The apartment will be available for occupancy at 3pm on the date of your arrival and the Hirer is required to vacate the apartment on the agreed termination date before 11am.
  3. Covid-19 - If a booking cannot go ahead because of a local or national lockdown relating to Covid-19, guests may reschedule to a later date or be issued with a monetary voucher to be used at a later date.  If a credit is not a viable option, a full refund will be given. Please note the refund guarantee applies to the guest's address on the booking form and covers national and local lockdowns.  It does not cover a guest being unable to travel due to illness, quarantine or self isolation (this should be covered by the guest’s personal travel insurance) 
  4. The hirer shall at all times keep the apartment clean and tidy. The Hirer further binds him/herself to leave the property and it's contents in the same condition as they found them. Failure to do so will result in any monies required to cover the cost of any breakages or cleaning being deducted from the security deposit. The security deposit (or balance of), if already paid, will be returned to the Hirer as soon as possible.
  5. The Hirer undertakes to leave the apartment secure if left unoccupied during the period of the rental.
  6. The Hirer shall undertake to prevent any member of his/her party from causing a nuisance or disturbance to other residents/neighbours.
  7. The Hirer binds/obliges him/herself to pay the Lessor in respect of any and all loss or damage, beyond fair wear & tear.
  8. The Hirer shall not sub-let the premises to any other person or persons.
  9. The number of guests occupying the apartment shall not exceed the number stated by the Hirer unless the Lessor has been informed and agrees to any changes to the original booking.
  10. The hirer binds and obliges him/herself to vacate the apartment without demand at the end of the rental period. The specific period of hire is detailed in an email sent to the Hirer.
  11. The Hirer warrants that the subjects let are used for the purpose of a holiday and so accepts that the letting is a holiday let to which Section 12(2) & paragraph 8 of the Housing(Scotland) Act 1988 apply, namely, 'a tenancy the purpose of which is to confer on the tenant the right to occupy the house for a holiday'.
  12. The Hirer undertakes to relieve the Lessor from any liability for damage or injury however caused by any member of his/her party.
  13. The Lessor or their agent or employees accept no responsibility for loss, injury or damage to any member of the Hirer's party or their property, howsoever caused, arising in any manner out of the let of the apartment.
  14. The Hirer shall permit the Lessor, including workmen, access to the property, if deemed necessary, at any reasonable time during your occupancy of the apartment.
  15. The contract between you, the Hirer and the Lessor, is subject to Scottish Law, formed in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is agreed that any dispute you may have with the Lessor will be dealt with by the Scottish Legal System.
  16. Circumstances beyond the control of the Lessor: except where otherwise stated in this agreement, the Lessor shall not be liable jointly or individually, for any changes or cancellations which affect on your holiday, loss or damage suffered, caused by you, or any failure by the Lessors to perform any of their respective obligations caused by any event(s) or circumstance(s) beyond reasonable control of the Lessor (referred to as 'force majeure' in these conditions). By way of example, force majeure includes, fire, flood, exceptional weather conditions, epidemics, destruction or damage to the property by any cause (other than negligence by the Lessor) and all similar situations. In appropriate cases, for example, where your booking has been cancelled during your stay, the Lessor will refund you all monies paid to them by you for the remainder of your booking. However, no compensation, expenses, costs or other sums of any description (including the cost of securing alternative accommodation) will be payable in such circumstances to the Hirer by the Lessor.
  17. The Lessor may treat the booking cancelled if the balance of the Hire fee is not received by the due date.
  18. Cancellations - If the Hirer cancels the booking, any money already paid (with the exception of the security deposit if paid), will not be refunded or transferred to another booking.
  19. If the balance payment is not received at least four weeks before the holiday starts, the booking will be automatically cancelled and the booking deposit will not be refunded.
  20. At no time during the rental period can the apartment be used to entertain people other than those booked in to stay without prior arrangement. No parties of any kind are permitted in the apartment. Failure to adhere to this condition, will result in instant eviction with no refund and all of the security deposit being retained by the Lessor and the Hirer will be responsible for meeting the costs of any damage to the property and its contents.